At My Table (E-Book, EPUB)

eBook - A Celebration of Home Cooking
ISBN/EAN: 9781473548107
Sprache: Englisch
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Auflage: 1. Auflage 2017
Format: EPUB
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*Selected as a 2017 Book of the Year inThe Sunday Timesand theObserver*'Id happily cook from this book every night' Bee WilsonBursting with what will be instant Nigella classics not to mention encouraging late-night visits to the fridge for leftovers. This is a book for those who see food as sheer pleasure Good Housekeeping**The Sunday Times Bestseller**Featuring all the inspiring, achievable and delicious recipes from Nigellas BBC TV series - At My Table, plus many more.Nigella Lawson is a champion of the home cook and her new book celebrates the food she loves to cook for friends and family. The recipes are warming, comforting, and inspirational, from new riffs on classic dishes includingChicken FricasséeandSticky Toffee Pudding to adventures in a host of new dishes and ingredients, fromAubergine FattehtoWhite Miso Hummus.AT MY TABLE includes dishes to inspire all cooks and eaters, fromHake with Bacon, Peas and CidertoIndian-Spiced Chicken and Potato TraybakeandChilli Mint Lamb Cutlets; plus a host of colourful vegetable dishes, likeEastern Mediterranean Chopped SaladandCarrots and Fennel with Harissa.No Nigella cookbook would be complete without sweet treats, and AT MY TABLE is no exception, withEmergency Brownies,White Chocolate Cheesecakeand aVictoria Sponge with Cardamom, Marmalade and Crème Fraîcheset to become family favourites.As Nigella writes, happiness is best shared and the food in this book will be served and savoured at your own kitchen table just as it is at hers.
Nigella Lawson has written ten bestselling cookery books including the classicsHow to EatandHow To Be A Domestic Goddess the book that inspired a whole new generation of bakers. These books, and her TV series, have made her a household name around the @Nigella_Lawson

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